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"Sorry Dutch Pastafarians, but you still cannot wear a colander on your government ID...yet"

Mienke - August 2018

"A Dutch Court Has Ruled 'Pastafarians' Cannot Wear Colanders in ID Photos"

Mienke - August 2018

"German Court Rules Against 'Spaghetti Monster Church'"

Bruder Spaghettus - August 2017

"Pastafarian Scores One for Religious Freedom"

Niko Alm - July 2011

"Pastafarian Woman Forbidden From Wearing Colander On Her Head in ID Photo"

Mienke - August 2018

"Pastafarianism is not a religion Dutch court rules"

Mienke - August 2018

"Court Rules Against Spaghetti Monster Members Request to Wear Colander in ID Photo"

Mienke - August 2018