Be Touched By His Noodly Appendage

This film is a passion project funded by the filmmaker’s dwindling savings account, and from contributions/pre-orders from Pastafarians, and some even non-believers too. Yes, you could just wait for the film to be released to buy it, but by pre-ordering you’re helping the filmmaker make the film better and increasing its chances to reach a large audience.

All Pre-Orders & Contributions over $10 USD or the currency equivalent will get a screener of the film when its available in your region.

Pre-order funds will be used for things like:

  1. CLEARING RIGHTS. The film uses music and some stock footage created by others. That ain’t free.

  2. PROMOTION. Blasting the trailer and marketing materials in the press and on social media in order to attract distributors and get butts in seats when the film screens at festivals.

  3. TRAVEL. I’d love to attend as many screenings as possible to see what people think of the film. So if there’s any funds left over after #1 & #2 are covered, contributions will go to flights/trains/hotel/pasta to attend screenings in person and schmooze with people who can help blow this film up, and to share the film in person with the Pastafarians who made its completion possible in the first place.

Pre-orders will be fulfilled via an emailed link to watch the film, as soon as it is available in your region. When is that? I don’t know yet. Definitely in 2020. The film will screen at film festivals in the fall of 2019 (screening details coming soon), after that hopefully other festivals will take notice of its awesomeness and want to screen it at their festivals in the winter of 2019/spring 2020. Hopefully….Hopefully….the buzz generated from the festival screenings will attract a distributor to release the film in a way to get it in front of as many eyes as possible. If that doesn’t work out, I’ll just release it online independently in the first half of 2020.

Money isn’t the only way to help support this film. Sharing the gofundme ( to your social network is also greatly appreciated. Just be sure to tag the films handle @ipastafaridoc (facebook/instagram/twitter) so I know who to thank:)

In Sauce,


Pastafarian & Wannabe filmmaker